Cossack Deportation - Lienz, 1st of June, 1945


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Stalin told the west that he wanted to have his people back to help rebuild his country. These people, however, knew that the truth was something far different. The code name for this act of deportation was Operation Keelhaul. Few survivors of this tragedy are still alive today.




Surviving Lienz is the story of a man who did all he could to keep his family together, and prevent them from falling into Soviet hands. It is the story of my father’s friend, Ivan, and his journey. It is an eyewitness report that parallels not only my father’s life in places, but that of many others like them.

Surviving Lienz tells a little-known story of treachery, deceit and the brutal murder of Ukrainian Cossacks and their families shortly after World War II. These incidents were perpetrated by those who called themselves the friends of the Cossacks: the British Army. Surviving Lienz contains a first-hand account of one man’s travels through this deplorable segment of mankind’s history, as well as photographs and explanatory notes that clarify this tragedy. More >>

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