Renowned Freedom Fighters:



Ukrainian Prince Dmytro Bayda Vyshnevetsky
The first Cossack Hetman
Founder of the Zaporozhian Sich in 1550


Taras, Hryhorovych Shevchenko
March 9, 1814 – March 10, 1861
Ukrainian poet, artist and humanist


Mykhaylo Hrushevsky
First president of the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1917-1918


Simeon Petlura
President of the Ukrainian Democratic Republic
Assassinated in Paris, 1926, by Stalinist agents


Mykola Zerov
Scholar, writer
Executed in 1937, in a Siberian Gulag


Colonel Evhen Konovalets
Leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists
Killed by a Soviet-engineered bomb blast in Rotterdam, 1938


Pawlo Skoropadsky
Born 15 May 1873 in Wiesbaden, Germany,
died of his wounds 26 April 1945, in Metten, Bavaria.


General Andreij Vlasov
Executed August 12th, 1946, along with his family

Vasslov’s Generals: Krassnoff, Shkuro, Klitsch, Domanov, and von Pannwitz
Hanged, January 16th, 1947

General Roman Shukhevych
Leader of the Ukrainian Partisan Army
Killed in Battle, 5th March, 1950


Stepan Bandera
Leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists
Assassinated by KGB, in Munich, 1959


John (Iwan) Demjanjuk
Born 3rd of April 1920 in Dubowi Macharynzi, Ukraine
A Soldier of the Vlasov Army who was persecuted
for more than 35 years, and Fell Asleep in the hands of the Lord
a free and innoent man 17th March 2012 in Bad Feilbach, Bavaria, Germany

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